Monday, November 17, 2014

Radiant Faces Class - Week four

I'm finally getting back to my Radiant Faces Class.  This week's teacher was Julie Gibbons with the topic of the Inner Goddess.  The mandala we created was to be our Inner Goddess. 

I put off this lesson because I really didn't particularly agree with some of the logic for the Inner Goddess but I decided that I would take it as the art lesson that it was to be and really enjoyed created.  She has white eyebrows because my hair is white.  The white dots in the hair also because of my white hair. 

The second part of this lesson by Effy Wild showed me something that is totally against what I would normally do......she didn't color each continuous chunk of hair with the same color.  Horror!  I'm glad I took that into my piece. 

When she was all done, I decided to add lashes and the minute the lashes started to go on, I regretted it.  She was pretty without them.  But I had already committed with the start of the lashes so I continued and added some white dots to match the hair.  It redeemed it a little for me!  The flowers around the outside edge because flowers are part of me!

I hope you enjoy!  *Note to self*......when coloring with copics away from home, have a better light source.  There were some errors that I couldn't correct.....*sigh*......

Friday, November 14, 2014

Green Christmas Tree Snowglobe

Here is the last style of Christmas tree snowglobe for you!  This is a darling little snowy tree with two little birds.  You can get them in my Etsy store HERE

Here are the different colors and styles of the little tree.

Valentine Heart Snowglobe

Below are pictures of the two Valentine Heart Snowglobes that I have left.  You can buy them in my Etsy store HERE.

Snowflake Snowglobes

Here are pictures of the two snowflake snowglobes that I have offered on my Etsy Store HERE

Gold Tree 3-D Snowglobes

Here are pictures of the gold tree snowglobes that I have for sale in my Etsy store. 

Here is a link to my store page for the gold tree globes.  HERE.

Snowglobes for Sale

Are you looking for a unique gift for that special person?  I just listed my snowglobes on Etsy and invite you to take a look at them.  Below are pictures of all the snowman globes that I am offering.  I'll be posting the other types of globes in different posts.    These paper and acetate globes fold flat for storing and sending through the mail.  The acetate is non-yellowing and non-cracking.  Each globe take between 2 and 2.5 hours to create and comes with its own storage pouch. 

See my items in Etsy HERE.

Day 5 of the 30 Days of Christmas

From November 10 - December 10, the Technique Junkie blog will be featuring a Christmas card each day made from Technique Junkie Christmas stamps.  In addition to the cards, Pat is offering a 15% discount on the entire Technique Junkies stamp site until December 10th!  Make your Christmas list and get shopping! All of the TJ Christmas stamps may be found HERE:  TJ Christmas and Winter Stamps

Today, my card was featured on the Technique Junkie blog.  Pictures of my card are below BUT if you would like to see the other cards for Day 1-4, go to the TJ blog HERE

Today my card uses a lovely Christmas angel (#SD0770, Angel of Annunciation, $6.95)  As I worked on this card, I originally thought to use just white but the angel just wasn't popping like I wanted.  So, I started to add the background color with Copic markers.  The border was trimmed down to eliminate confusion where the border and flourish overlap.  After the border and flourishes were attached with the foam tape, I added some Elizabeth Craft glitter so the exposed pieces of the tape would not be sticky.  I really like the added glitz and hope that you do too!

Sunday, November 9, 2014

They're here!

The craft matting is here and ready for you!  I have 8 pieces left.  Each piece is 42" x 24" and 5 mill.  The same wonderful quality as the Ranger mats.  Cover your whole craft table with this great size!  Not exactly the size you need?  I can do up to 42" x 36"!   Just ask!   The 42 x 24 mat is $30 including shipping and I can take paypal!     Just let me know that you are interested along with your e-mail and I'll send you a PayPal invoice. 

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Anyone interested in this?

Would any of you be interested in a piece of craft mat that is 24 inches by 42 inches?  This is 5 mil and is the same thickness as the Inkssentials one by Ranger. 

The price would be $30 including postage.  I can do PayPal.    It won't be available for about two weeks...I'm planning ahead.    Please comment if you are interested.  I need a minimum of 10 people.  No international.  Sorry.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Class Three with Christy Tomlinson

My third class in Radiant Faces was taught by Christy Tomlinson and it was so much fun.  She is messy and so talented.  I had to laugh when I watched the videos when I saw her stamp pad because it was covered with paint.  Not only on the outside but on the pad itself!!  I went through a ton of paper towel........I don't like my hands to get goopy!  I would love to do this lesson again and next time I'll give the poor girl a little less hair.  Can't imagine how long it would take to dry a mop like that after shampoo!  Hahahaha.   I loved the way Christy taught us to make the flowers look like we drew them ourselves.   There are layers and layers on this.  This is also something that I've never done before.   In the class the dress for the lady was a piece of decorated paper but I just couldn't bear to cover the stenciled area on the right bottom corner, so I just added more stenciling and painted it to match the side thus creating her 'dress'.  There is a lot of gold metallic paint on this....a little hard to see in a photo.   One of Christy's signatures on this type of girl was a heavy pink cheek.  I probably wouldn't have done my own quite that dark but I was trying to keep the flavor of the class.  She is a real contrast to the other two classes that I've done!  You can see them on earlier posts.

NEW from TJ Stamps!

They are new and they are wonderful!  Sally Lynn McDonald has created all sorts of beautiful new exclusive stamp designs for Technique Junkie stamps!!!  (formerly Stamp Camp)

36 New stamp designs were just added to the Technique Junkies Stamp Site - all new beautiful vintage and artistic images designed to stir your creativity!

You can see all this goodness HERE!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

White On Watercolor Hollyhocks

White on Watercolor technique from Technique Junkie sure has a lot of punch.  I was really excited about getting to use my new stamps from I Brake For Stamps.  I guess the flowers could be Hollyhocks or delphinium but for me I'll take Hollyhocks.  They are a favorite flower of mine and bring back so many beautiful childhood memories.  One memory was when my cousin, Mary, would come to visit.  Grandma Newhard lived across the street from us.  She was my dad's mom.  Actually my mom's mother, Grandma Benninghoff, lived behind us and I was in this beautiful grandma sandwich that every child should have!  Grandma N had shawl fringe that she had saved.  I don't know what from or for but as grand-daughters we got to play with it.  The fringe was really 18" to 24" long.  There were two sections of grey and one black.  Each one was about 15' long!  So, my cousin and I would wind it around our waists and pretend that we were hula dancers.  We would beg grandma for two old nylons that we would tie around our chests for our hula tops.  Then we would go get hollyhocks for our hair and the tops.  We thought we were pretty beautiful.  Since my dad was a photographer, he would take pictures of us having fun in our 'hula' outfits.   

Monday, October 20, 2014

Lesson Two with Tam LePorte

I am taking a Radiant Faces class online and this is my project for my second lesson.  It is called the inner child and teaches you the style of the lollipop girl.....large head, iddy, bitty body.  The inner child part of the class was for you to draw a yourself and your longings as a child, things you wished had been better, etc.  Well.....I had a wonderful childhood and really wouldn't change any of it.  I loved to ice skate and play piano. 

I was also horse crazy.  Anything with a horse on it, in it, around it, etc.  I wanted a horse so bad I could taste it!  I was a decent rider too but alas, I never got to own a horse (at least for very long).  When I was 11, my parents got me a welsh pony colt.  That little horse drug me back to the barn more times than I want to remember.  I broke him to being brushed, halter and lead.  But, he was just a mama's boy and would get a burr in his bonnet to rush back to the barn to be with her.  My parents decided to give him back to the people they bought him from.  They put him out to pasture and a month later he was as gentle as a lamb.  But mom and dad wouldn't try again.  I was devastated.  They gave me horse back riding lessons the next birthday to try and make up for it! 

When we moved to Colorado my new love became Ice skating.  I was a pretty good spinner and  jumper.  The piano lessons that I had taken in Ohio were a thing of the past but I continued to tinker around with it throughout high school.  Now as an adult, I'm the keyboardist for our praise band!

Hope you enjoy my inner child!

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Mono City

This is a technique called Monochromatic Silhouettes.  This was a lot of fun to make and used up some of my scrap paper too!  I love this city silhouette has a happy look to it.  The word and flower stamps are brand new from I Brake For Stamps.  I really love the scribbled look of the daisy.